3 Month Executive Membership

Executive Membership. Personalized workout plan to meet your specific fitness goals. Exercises tweaked according to feedback given to your coach during check-in! Access to weekly challenges, community support groups, and select interest groups and private online groups. Access to private online groups of people exchanging personal tips on how they fit fitness into their daily lives. Full access to the E-Book Library and first access to all future publications. Earn merit badges for discounted months of membership. Bespoke Nutrition Guidance tailored specifically to your personal needs. Access to a dedicated helpline for live help via call or text for a workout, nutrition, or app-related issue.

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Start date
Amount to be paid now
From 28-10-2020
£ 499.99

3 Months Duration

Auto renewal takes place 3 Months before contracts runs out


A Proper Mindset
Executive Video Check-in
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